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Week-end has been a bit more hectic than I anticipated, although mostly in a good way. Been to two house-warming parties yesterday, both very good and, I suppose, quite fitting that they should have taken place in the hottest day of the year. At opposite ends of London. Both fantastic parties.

Other things: a handful of lessons done, the Alternative Bring and Buy at the Dome in Tufnell Park, which was very good but for the unbelievable heat, the music festival later at the same venue, of which I missed half as I was away doing those lessons. In between all those things (apart from sleep), reading the Hunger Games, at the suggestion (and book loan) of robot_mel -I had kind of avoided the book just on the grounds of the reviews of the film of it and the advertising for that film that I'd seen -both terrible and had put me off it. I'm now engrossed in that world and I'm liking the book a lot but I still don't think I want to see the movie.

Right, beddy-byes now. Tomorrow should be a busy day..
Tags: parties, week end

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