Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

A very soggy Monday morning, with the counterpoint between my normal (ok, I call it normal) life of getting up early, saying happy birthday to a couple of people on Facebook, sipping coffee and setting out for lessons, while getting ripples of the Venezuelan election results with Chávez having won in what seems from here to be a credible way. And a Venezuelan friend berating me publicly on Facebook for not expressing any opinions at such a crucial historic moment and stripping me of my Venezuelan nationality, which I didn't know she was entitled to do, because of this.

I'm too far away, though, four thousand miles and twenty five years away. I do care and can see how important all that is but my immediate reality is very different. And distance affords me the luxury of being able to be impartial re the Venezuelan situation, which would not be possible were I living there -and I do value that luxury.

In the meantime, sipping coffee at the Lit Café on my way back from a lesson. Raining buckets outside. Life goes on.
Tags: friends, life, social media, stuff, venezuela

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