Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

[ mac ] moving to a mac mini

Initiating the move to a Mac mini -which is mostly because it would be handy to have access to more than the 6GB that my current 2008 iMac can have. The mini can have 16GB. Also even the slowest Ivy Bridge mini would be a bit faster than my early C2D iMac. Apart from that there isn't really anything wrong with the iMac -which I have to sell, of course, to help pay for the new little box. So, I might have an iMac available for sale in a couple of weeks' time.

Not trusting Apple's Migration Assistant -failed to copy across the soundfonts in /Library/sounds and ~/Library/Sounds; what else has it failed to copy that I won't have noticed? Cannot do a straight clone (or indeed use the iMac's SSD as is) as the mini wouldn't boot from it. There are other things that will take a little while to sort out. The idea is in any case to put an SSD instead of the poky HDD that comes with the mini, probably the one I already have.
Tags: apple mac, mac

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