Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Yesterday turned out a tiny bit more hectic than planned -but in a good way. After lessons and errands in the day, went to the Camden Brewdog for na11e1y and Felicia's (did she ever have an LJ?) birthday celebration. A small but perfectly formed affair, a dozen people around a table in the basement of the Brewdog, with reasonable pizza, fantastic beer and interesting conversation with some of the usual suspects plus some of Felicia's work-mates, who were nice interesting people. After that, they headed off to Big Red and I went to erming's birthday bash at the Elixir. This was a very different affair -the place was packed to the gunwales, with a band playing as I walked and a mountain of cat-food which was the
admission charge. A very good evening, although I didn't last the course -having been out dancing at Inferno the night before and having had a relatively busy day, I ended up bailing out home around half-midnight or so. A very good party, though. Good to see peeps I hadn't seen for a long while, like vexen and Sam.

Today I've mostly still been under the after-effects of the Tactical Nuclear Penguin -that's the 37% beer they had (oh, ok, _I_ had) at the Brewdog. Never a srop of incohol, etc.

* they also had a 41% beer, which they call Sink the Bismarck...
Tags: friends, parties, stuff, week end

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