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What happens when I get a few days free, like a half-term week? I… - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
What happens when I get a few days free, like a half-term week?

I fall down with a coughing cold, that's what happens. So, instead of whatever other plans I had, I've been getting up late (yay!) and pottering about at home sneezing and coughing and using up all my hankies. That, apart from visit by Krisztina today, which really made my day.

Also, apart from practising guitar a lot more than normal and reading -re-reading Bill Bryson's Brief History of Nearly Everything' ', or rather bits of it of around the time of Newton and the Royal Society's beginnings, which dovetailed perfectly with having just finished the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. And started Stephenson's 'Reamde' , which from the descriptions I didn't think would be my cup but am getting into quite a bit, although not remotely like Anathem . There are a couple of other books also slowly making their way from the 'still unread' to the 'read' pile, like 'The Bridge' by Iain Banks. Hydrogen, his latest Culture effort, should have been amongst those but I don't fancy paying £10 for an ebook when I strongly suspect that, as with Reamde, I may be able to get it much cheaper come the next post-Christmas sales.

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