Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Good morning! Out there, a light flurry of snow falling but not settling. Waiting for first pupil of the day, having spent a chunk of my Sunday morning in a supermarket -had run out of orange juice! that wouldn't do!

Didn't go out last night -instead, stayed in practising the guitar and reading. I still went to bed at some silly hour anyway.. had been to Dead & Buried the night before, though, which was a very good evening. Actually liked Gertrude Stein's set more than I was letting on (I know I was passing comment on how 1987 it was) but not the way she ended it -it was a good idea but sorry, it didn't work. Also enjoyed suicideally and Jo Cliché (whose LJ name I have forgotten! even though I'm pretty sure she's still here and in my flist -edit: ah, yes, exliontamer -but she doesn't seem to be using her LJ ) DJ'ing; danced quite a bit and caught up (a bit, it was a bit noisy) with robot_mel and beluosus.

A reduced working day today as I've had a few cancellations -means I finish earlier than I do normally on a Sunday. What shall I do with all that free time? (hm....)
Tags: clubs, stuff, week end

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