Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

the times, they are a'changin'...

Earlier this morning got a bit confused between the time the watch was telling me (incorrect) and the iPhone's (updates automatically) when I got up, at 9:15. Oh, ok, at 10:15 then. Have to dig the manual for the watch to change to summer time. In the computer: the paper manual that comes with it is in front of me but I would need a microscope to read the blodi ting, so first thing I did when I bought it was to download manual as a PDF so I could actually read it. What did people with poor/failing/etc eyesight do in the olden times? Buy enormous magnifying glasses and carry them with them, I s'pose?

I still find the changing of the clocks twice a year a puzzling, peculiar custom. Yes, I know why they do it but I still find it strange and a little bit annoying.
Tags: life in these british islands

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