Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

That was a lovely (if cold) day. Not a lot to do but a little guitar practice, await for a delivery and, at noon, meet Krisztina for a light lunch at the Rustique café in Tufnell Park, some wandering around the little backstreets of Kentish Town, some of which are quite pretty, like the one at the back of Leverton Street -cobblestoned, pots of plants in front of the houses, ivy on the walls. Pity that one of those cute little houses costs what I may earn in my entire working life or thereabouts. We ended up at the Southampton Arms near Gospel Oak, which I had never been to even though it is so near me. Will have to try the food (as it comes highly recommended by lproven but today we only had a half each (I had some teaching to do later, not a good idea to arrive smelling of alcohol) of, respectively, a very good cider and a good hoppy ale. Must come back.

Discovering again that I like my neighbourhood, even if in some ways I can't really afford to live here.
Tags: life of flav

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