Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

The new look of Google Plus on the desktop gives me headaches. It is a horrid mess, just like in the mobile application which I had stopped using for precisely the same reason. The intention seems to be to make it into a sort of magazine a la Flipboard but it doesn't work for me and could be enough for me to stop using it altogether. Still figuring it out, other things seem to have changed in the way it works -at first it would not filter to my different circles but give me a sort of global feed on the chosen category; this seemed to get fixed but not sure how I did, which is always a bad sign. Oh well, so much for the facebook killer.

[ edit ] Ah, so it has a button at the very bottom of the 'More' menu to change the three pane setting to one. Doesn't cure all ills but it makes it readable for me. Yes, it's there but it was kind of hidden. I'd missed it when I was looking for something like that yesterday -if it was there all along.
Tags: googleplus

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