Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

I haven't been going out much of late, mostly as I have to practise for a little recital I'm playing this coming Thursday -and I chose a technically quite demanding programme and hadn't played a concert for quite a while. The Bank Holiday was good, though. Did manage to put in a lot of guitar practice, some reading and writing, some gym, managed to keep some of the guitar lessons that were due to happen, saw a tiny bit of the Renaissance music festival at the Boston Music Arms and, on the Monday, went to the Everyman cinema in Hampstead with Krisztina to see Star Trek Into Darkness, which was great fun although it has few of the things that make me read or watch science-fiction, none of the 'big questions' but rather like a comic book or 1930's serial (yes, I had mentioned this elsewhere).

The rest of the half-term week has passed with guitar practice, private lessons, various errands and things that needed to be done and a swollen palate, probably a small infection, after the eye-wateringly expensive (and painful) laser gum treatment of last week. This has receded now, but I'm thinking about this and whether I should take heed to K's recommendation of a different dentist -and that I should change dentists.

Today, lessons, more guitar practice (hopefully) and somebody's birthday drinks at the Big Red.
Tags: life of flav, movies, stuff

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