Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

A Monday morning at the Rustique café

Monday morning at the Rustique Café in Tufnell Park after early lesson ++

Week-end was good, on the whole. Didn't go out on Saturday night, did go to Departure's 50th anniversary on Friday evening. That is, the 50th Departure night, not 50 years, of course. On Sunday I had a number of lessons cancelled so unexpectedly a lot more free time. I went to the Kentish Town carnival at Talacre Park for a bit; this was a lot of fun in spite of the typically English weather.

Had a spectacular fail making bread last night. Will try again later in the week.

Discussing possibility of a gig in a month's time -would be good if it happens. In fact, there are several avenues I must explore in relation to this; will need to poll people and see how many would be willing to pay, say, £15 to see me in concert -unfortunately I cannot really count on what you could call 'passing trade', having managed to avoid being famous thus far (would not really want to be famous either). Later, some guitar practice, gym and calling Apple store and bank to try and sort out mess.

Life's currents flow ever onwards..
Tags: life of flav, stuff, week end

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