Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Half-way through 'Hydrogen Sonata' by the late Iain M Banks. All I may have said before still applies: unlike in his non-M books, the character development may perhaps be made with cookie cutters, in a sense, but, oh, that world, I so would love to live in that pan-galactic, post-scarcity socialist (or perhaps anarchist) society. It is such, such a shame that there'll never be another Culture novel.

IO, related N, saw on Twitter by the man himself that Charlie Stross new novel, 'Neptune's Brood' was out. So of course I went and bought it (on Amazon, as an ebook, but if I like it I'll probably buy it on paper and probably from a local bookshop). And funnily with Stross, as with Banks and N Stephenson, it was the case that I discovered him through two things: a friend mentioned him, in real life or in the virtual world, and I got hold of a copy of the alluded ebook, in the former cases from their being mislaid somewhere in the bowels of the internet, in the latter because Stross (who gains extra points by having a goth wife, I'm told by common friends) makes his novel 'Accelerando' free to download on his site . And coincidentally I run into a foreword by Cory Doctorow to his book "Little Brother' in which he touches on precisely this subject: the mad fact that on the whole people who download music or books for free don't buy less music or fewer books, but more -and it leads to people discovering authors that they perhaps would not have if they had only the option to spend their money on somebody whose name or work they'd never heard of. Having nicked a copy of 'Anathem' has led me to buy the book twice, first as an ebook and then on paper; same with many others. In that sense the whole DRM policy by record and book publishers is so, so shortsighted.
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