Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Flav Orbit Day 2013

Seem to have survived another birthday. Saturday still had some lessons then to the Penderel's Oak in Holborn for joint birffday celebration with lovelybug, which was excellent, followed by Reptile at the Minories in Tower Hill, which again was excellent, although I spent most of my time there outside, where it was a few degrees cooler, or at least less hot, than inside.

Sunday, my birthday proper, was much quieter. A couple of lessons, enormous chocolate birthday cake brought by a pupil (it may take me the rest of the year to eat it!) and some guitar practice. And the air conditioning box running flat out all day and a lot of the night.
Tags: caek!, flavbirthday, life of flav

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