Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

One lesson done, another one to go.... then the Hampstead Alternative Picnic, August Edition, hopefully the Dry version (might not be; rain forecast, etc).

Tomorrow, going with pupils to the open day of the Classical Guitar Summer Course and Festival at West Dean. It's been years that I don't go to one of those events and I can't afford to (hence the open day only) but I need to, also, to keep in touch with that world.

Hanging out with goths is fun (a lot of the time, anyway) but it doesn't help me further my guitar career (if career it is; I hardly do any playing in public and mostly just teach). Most of them are not really that interested in what I do as a musician. Of which there are several sides but I've neglected my classical guitarist side for too long -not the playing, I can do that and keep the practice up, but the being out there doing guitar things.
Tags: guitar, life of flav, music

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