Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

'summer's almost gone..'

Almost gone.

The holiday week-end was made of many parts, most good and two rather bad. I suppose it may have started with the Gothsluts meet on Thursday at the Wenlock Arms in Hoxton. On the Friday, there were birthday drinks for deathboy at Aces and Eights in Tufnell Park. Scott was quite late, but there were other people I know there. Didn't stay that long, either; the basement was very busy and apart from the birthday boy I didn't know anybody. So I left to go to the Negative Creep in Finsbury Park.

On getting into the lift in Tufnell Park station I find myself with four or five very drunk young men and a young female. They're playing a bit rough amongst themselves and being noisy and one of them points at me, "Oi, you, Ozzy Osbourne, Gene Simmonds! How long is your tongue, f**? Show us yer tongue!" Any response, including no response, would have been wrong but replying with a 'F*ck you' was in all probability particularly bad. One of them wanted to fight and again it didn't help when I said they of course could beat me up, being a third of my age as I am 61. "Yer f*ing lying!', one said. I should have said thanks, I s'pose. At all this the whole show is moving towards the platforms and I'm getting worried that they are so out of it and so hyper that they might even throw me on to the tracks (somebody said as much). Most of them move away a bit but one remains "you wanna fight, you wanna fight", which of course I didn't. The whole incident lasted about five minutes but felt much longer.

Negative Creep was quite good. I spent the time mostly relating the incident, I think I was still a bit shaken.

The day after there were several birthday BBQ;s. I could only go to one so.. toss a coin. Went to Viki's BBQ in New Cross. It rained a lot. It was all good nonetheless. Later I managed to go to Invocation (good catch up with robot_mel and beluosus ) and on the way home I changed my mind and ended up at the Slimelight for a bit. Sunday brought yet another birthday BBQ, as well as a neighbour knocking on my door first thing in the morning: "Flavio, sorry to bring bad news; somebody's smashed a window in your car..."

AS I said, many parts; most good, some not so good.
Tags: life of flav, summer, week end

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