Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

upgrade paths, sometimes to disaster

Updated iPad to iOS7, but holding out on the iphone a little longer in case of any kinks -I actually use the iPad more but the phone is more important. Everything seems to work ok but not at all sure about the aesthetics of it. Oh, ok; hating it at the moment.

On that front (updating consumer electronics, etc) had one of my less stellar moments last night: had seen in forums (fora?) that the annoying hum in the e-Motion telly I'd bought from Sainsbury's a couple of years ago could go away if I applied a firmware update. Went to the site in question, sanctioned by Sainsbury's but not the manufacturer's site (they don't seem to have one, e-Motion seems to be a Currys Matsui of the modern age) , downloaded and applied the update.. you know what's next. Bricked TV. Nothing comes on screen, doesn't respond to any menus or commands (and even better, the hum hasn't gone away). Will have to investigate further -or else throw this thing away and live without a telly for a few months, can't afford to buy one now. Was never in love with it, with the hum, but -had a reasonable image and three HDMI ports, budget tellies seem to have only one or two. Will be phoning people and see what can be done about this later today. Silly flavio.
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