Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

party times four and other week-end stories

I seem to have been to four parties in the last couple of days -five, if I include the Gothsluts meet. This is quite remarkable considering that I had been (still am) rock bottom broke (temporarily, I hope!). Not drinking much (in some cases, at all) helps a lot in the circumstance. Also I owe ashmere a drink from last night at Shenanigans. Before that, jillyfishie's fabulous American Halloween in London at the Horatia -lots of fantastic costumes, there'll be pictures. Yesterday, caveynik's Dead & Buried in Archway and Propagation at the Elixir, both very good in different ways.

Today was more sedate; some guitar practice, some reading and a few lessons I had to do. Now awaiting the hurricane ('oh no it's not a hurricane'). Not much sign of it just yet.

Half term week. Probably a few times to the gym, hopefully more guitar practice and sorting out a few things in that respect I want to do. One is outlining date and place for one or two small gigs with mostly my current programme although I will probably change a few of the pieces. I may elaborate on this topics at more length -probably for my own benefit only, I can't imagine that many who may read me here could possibly be interested in this, why I choose a piece and how I work on the music. It is kind of important to me, though.
Tags: guitar practice, parties, stuff, week end

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