Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

mole and margarita at mestizo [ restaurant ]

Last night, a rehearsal cancelled gave me the opportunity to join beric and his merry band, including mupstasia, andialan and kajia for a Mexican meal at Mestizo in Hampstead Road. Excellent gathering, good company and conversation and the food was excellent. At least mine was -I had some pork tamales and, as a main course, a mole poblano which is the second best I've had (the absolute best, by some way, still is na11e1y's). It also turned out that checking in in 4Square entitled you to a free margarita (which, again, wasn't as good as kajia's but still very good). I'm having to watch my pennies these days, what with expensive car repair (yes, it's repaired now, allegedly) and work being slow (guitar lessons, anyone?) but that was very much worth the expenditure, which came up to a bit under £30 a head.
Tags: eating out, friends, restaurants

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