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Kafka lives....

after a post by darcy_...

....Today I have been on the phone since 9:30, trying to sort out various bits related to an overcharge in house contents insurance, a threat of prosecution from Camden council for putting the rubbish out on the wrong day/time when we never received notification of the changes (and i have to write a letter to them now, it is not enough to have spoken to them on the phone...), some major mess-up by my bank, another by London Electricity (this latter one a real tangled up mess) and a couple of other bits I now forget. One of the officials (the council rubbish man) responded in a positive way. All the others seem to think, as darcy_ was putting, that it was my fault to have a problem that didn't fit in the script. I'm exhausted and shaken after all that and it does feel like I've fallen inside a story by Kafka....

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