Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

a couple of stops on the road

Still trying to shift the lurgy and waiting for friend at the other end of the world to come up on Skype (if she does). Week-end... has been good, although as already mentioned the lurgy refuses to go away. Mostly lessons, a sortie down Borough Market and then to Mestizo restaurant (having been so impressed by previous visit there with beric and his merry friends a week ago). This time I had to downgrade what we ate from 'fantastic' to 'very good' -but very good it still was, although the day time menu is much more limited and it was busy, with every suit in town seemingly having christmas dinner on that day. In the evening a couple of lessons. Didn't want to take the car . and got thoroughly drenched in rain. Three times. This may not have helped with the lurgy disposal endeavour.

Yesterday, more lessons and then, at the Big Red, the double birthday celebration for Amber (who used to have a livejournal as morriganhel ) and Jack El Señor (who afaik never had one). I'm becoming very much a non-fan of rock pubs, with their bad, expensive beer, bad food and indifferent attitude (as lproven remarked, they don't have to bother, they're 'already cool' so why would they) but last night was a blast, featuring everybody I ever knew in the alternative scene (this is not an original phrase, glamgothruthy got there first), a band that made me wonder about time travel and the year 1976 and a strip-tease by none less than Elvis Presley. Now I've seen everything.
Tags: friends, life of flav, parties, week end
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