Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

[ Books ] Eva Luna by Isabel Allende

Reading Eva Luna for bibliogoth's January meeting.

I thought I'd read that book, but must have been mistaking it for a different Isabel Allende one. I would remember, in any case, that portrait of Caracas in the early 1930's at the time of the 'Benefactor's' death and the late arrival of the 20th Century and the flood of oil money in Venezuela, all of which I didn't live but still was in living memory of many people when I was a kid. And the fact that my mother was a red head called Consuelo (as is one of the main characters in the book...).

Isabel Allende is not perhaps the finest of Latin American writers but she can tell a very good story now and again. I'm enjoying the book thus far. I'm reading it in Spanish, of course, wondering whether I should get the English translation and have a peek at what, if anything, gets lost along the way, etc.
Tags: books, venezuela

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