Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

[ Books ] Eva Luna, by Isabel Allende

Just about to finish 'Eva Luna' by Isabel Allende, which was the book set for yesterday's meeting of bibliogoth, book which generated an interesting discussion at the meeting -although I feel I was talking too much! I found the book fascinating -the plot is not very strong, but the characters are mostly very well drawn and feel real, but it was the setting that captivated me the most, that history of Venezuela in the 20th Century which for somebody not acquainted with it might, on reading this book, look like absurd, even preposterous invention -and yet it was all real and Allende depicts it very well.

For me the book has particular resonances, having grown up in that country and to which there are so many direct and more oblique references in the book, to its culture and its history. And what an absurd, incredible history it has been -and carries on being.
Tags: books, venezuela

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