Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Nytol dreams

Had been trying to sleep for hours, having to get up early on Monday -early, but not quite as early as today. I can now testify that Nytol doesn't do anything at all, at least for me; maybe someone will come along to tell me that I wasn't taking it in the prescribed manner, one hour before going to bed and after taking a shower, drinking a glass of hot milk and counting five hundred thousand sheep. I was trying to think of nothing, to evoke landscapes of distant beaches with surf hitting the reefs or of alien planets with rivers of methane and purple rains. To no avail.... well, that had been the previous night. Last night was different

One way I found to finally go to sleep was to start an iPad app that produces a white noise in the manner of beach surf. That was a good idea, I slept and had beautiful dreams and woke up shortly before the alarm clock to that soothing seaside noise. Only electronic imitation seaside noise, you can tell if you play it at a loud volume but not at the very quiet level I needed it in order to fall asleep to it.

I dreamt of that noise; there were a group of people, a choir, who were going to try and record a vocal imitation of those sounds. They were comparing the sound they were producing to the one from the machine, which in my dreams wasn't the tablet but a large contraption a bit like a US mail-box. The noise from the choir was very different to the electronic surf but quite beautiful in the same way. Maybe I should attempt to write a piece of music using that idea. I woke up at the obscene hour I have to on Tuesdays but strangely refreshed, with the torpor of mornings but also as if I had just returned from a satisfying travel.
Tags: dreams, life of flav, sleep

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