Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

on a rainy day

At the South Bank, sat on a comfy settee at the Royal Festival Hall -meeting a friend for lunch and, fearing the tube strike, set out too early and arrived way too early. People sit and have coffee or read, a group of women at a table near are clearly having a whale of a time and laugh, their talk overlapping each other before they finish speaking. In the big space that is now called the 'Clore Ballroom' (was it always called that?) there's a few dozen children with reflective green vests doing... no idea what they're doing, just hanging out, playing, by the looks of it, and a couple of them crying. A couple of waiters from the café look at me with something like malevolence as they pick up empty cups, etc from around me (I haven't ordered anything and am just sat here). The weather still is quite ugly outside; apart from lunch with Jess I have nothing else to do today, thinking I may nap half the afternoon away as I didn't sleep well last night and go to the gym at some point. It is very calm here, quite relaxing apart from the evil glances from the waiters. And the occasional scream from one of those children down there, but the general white noise of a space like this drowns most of it. Outside it still rains.
Tags: life of flav

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