Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

tuffguitar and other stories

'Tuffguitar', the informal .. what would you call it? Guitar club that my pupils have been doing for a while, met last night at the Rustique Café in Tufnell Park. Acoustically perhaps not the best of places, with a background of conversations and crockery, but great fun nonetheless. Becki the owner wants us back, looked a bit disappointed when he learnt that it was only a monthly meeting, he thought we'd meet every week. The idea is that they play guitar ensemble music together -I suggest some music and kind of conduct.

After that, I went in chase of the LondonGothSluts/ who this week were doing a sortie exploring new pubs to add to the list and were making their way through the riverside pubs in Wapping and Rotherhite. Caught up with them at the Captain Kidd in Wapping. Good catching up and conversation with people which prolonged into the journey home on the Overground. An excellent evening all in all.
Tags: guitar, life of flav

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