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Spent a good chunk of the day doing music doodles in Logic, then went for drinks at the Porterhouse for reddragdiva's birthday celebrations. So found myself in the tube reading about some quantum stuff (Beyond Einstein) according to which the whole Universe could be made of the same electron, while listening to a mass by Ockeghem, and surrounded by girls with 'cellos. Strange. Finally met Dave, arkady. hairyears and a bunch of other people. A very pleasant evening indeed. There seems to be some incriminating evidence of all this somewhere....

Porterhouse is a labyrinth, I haven't yet decided whether I like the place, bit trendy for me, but, hey, fantastic beer = lots of plus points. I had some Delirium Tremens, then sampled some American ale (there is far more, it seems, to American beer than Budweiser or Coors, this was very nice. I wish I'd remember the names, though). Stopped for a bite in Portavia on Charing X Road on the way back; finally at the Dev for a short while with mausch, __prawnstar__, nisaba and a couple of other people. Had a good cat4ch up with mausch and morgwll and eventually made it home.

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