Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

books wot i read in 2013

Mostly for my own records...

An incomplete list of the books I read in 2013:

- Neptune's Brood by Charlie Stross
- Saturn's Children by Charlie Stross
- Equoid by Charlie Stross
- Down at the Farm by Charlie Stross
- How to build a mind by Ray Kurzweil
- How to beat your mind by David McRaney
- Why does the world exist? by Jim Holt
- Transition, by Ian Banks
- The Hydrogen Sonata by Ian M Banks
- The Honest Look by Jennifer Rohn
- Experimental Heart by Jennifer Rohn (may have read in 2012)
- Great North Road by Peter F Hamilton
- Dark Eden by Chris Beckett (loved this one)
- The Turing Test by Chris Beckett (and this one)
- The Mind's Eye by Oliver Sacks
- Middle Age: a natural history, by David Bainbridge
- Eva Luna by Isabel Allende
also various bits of the Mongoliad.
probably leaving out as many books as I put in, that I don't remember. Of course.. if I can't remember them maybe they weren't that important...

As you can see, only one book in Spanish -must do better, I'll end up forgetting my mother tongue. Much science fiction, much pop-science, little mainstream literature. More recently, have read 'Alias Grace' by Margaret Atwood and 'Ocean at the End of the Lane' by Neil Gaiman. I'm also half way reading The Locks of Lemora by Scott Finch, Queen of Angels by Greg Bear and 'Falling Angels' by Tracy Chevalier (the latter for the bibliogoth April meet-up), as well as various collections of sci-fi and speculative fiction short stories, mostly from Tor.com. Trying to escape to fantasy worlds, me? Yes, I suppose so.. I still read the news every morning but I've stopped listening to the Today programme, it depresses me too much.

I also would seem to be reading less, or perhaps less intensively, more in short bits, finding I cannot read as much when going to bed.. it would be easy to blame it on the fact that most of my reading these days is on an iPad or kindle screen. Or my eyes getting old (but my eyesight was always bad). Somebody will come along to tell me off and tell me to go and read on paper. In reality, I find myself doing increasingly more of my reading while on public transport, with a guitar and a laptop on tow and therefore not wanting to carry the extra weight. So there. If anything, reading on Kindle and the iPad feels easier on the eyes, as I can adjust the font size, the brightness and colour of the background, etc.
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