Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Good in parts...

Reading fifi_garter's review of Synthetic Culture at the Egg reminded me...

I like the venue. I like some touches, like the Caribbean barbeque in the yard under the canopy...

I didn't like the feeling of being thrown back into the Third World. That's where I started, why would I want to relive the experience of having to queue for ever in the cold to get in, being barked at and told off by the staff ("you, get against the wall, yeh you!"), being frisked like I hadn't been ever since I was caught in that student riot a million years ago in West Caracas (but I wasn't taking part in it, honest, Guv) and thrown in Reten de Catia (ok, for twelve hours, but after a week-end of enjoying the hospitality of Catia's [1] police station....)

Now, I don't go to cllubs to be reminded of those things.... I had quite a good time while I was in there but the ordeal of getting in, with some little door-men intoxicated in their tiny little quota of power bossing me around is not exactly enticing me to come back....

[1] the link is to a review on a community TV station from Catia, recently closed by the Governor of Caracas....

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