Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

easter week-end in flavland

Maybe I'm slowing down, it may finally be happening, like my hair is finally going grey and I'm becoming increasingly cantankerous. Didn't go to Whitby Goth Week-end, haven't been for perhaps three years now. Didn't go to any of the main gigs there were this long week-end, either. Now, what did I do?

Apart from walks down the South Bank in the rain, that is, and reading bits of the three or four books I'm reading... well, did go to Big Red on Thursday for a friend's birthday drinks. And to Invocation at the Minories on Saturday, although didn't stay there more than two hours. And to the Slimelight after that. Caught up with a few people I wanted to see (although may still want to do in a less noisy place where one can have a conversation without straining to hear what the other party, bah, humbug, see first paragraph), like robot_mel and beluosus . And did practise the guitar a fair amount, which needed doing , bringing back a couple of long pieces that I intend to play this year. All in all, a productive week-end, perhaps, after all. And there were those walks down the South Bank in the London rain.

Tags: life, life of flav, via ljapp

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