Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

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Been working on a couple of tremolo pieces, mostly because I have three pupils playing 'Recuerdos de la Alhambra' and I have always felt tremolo was one of my ... less strong points. Having busked in the tube for three years when I came here in '87 playing 'Recuerdos' three hundred times a day whilst being quite tense (busking can be quite exciting, you run into lots of pretty girls who want to know you... and also into lots of psycho mad dangerous violent people who also want to know you). For years when I needed to play a tremolo piece I would use a back-to-front right hand fingering (pima instead of pami) as I felt that gave me a slightly less uneven tremolo, but have decided to do it the 'right' way around and see whether I can get a reasonable even tremolo in a reasonable time.

So, thus far I'm thinking of Agustín Barrios ' 'Una Limosna Por el Amor de Dios' (known as 'Ultimo Tremolo' as the translation, 'an alms for the love of god', is too long and strange). Or 'Cry of the Guitar' by Stepan Rak.

Apart from that, the lute suite by Bach BWV 996, Brouwer's 'Cuban Landscape with Bells' and some other stuff. See how it goes...

Tags: guitar, via ljapp

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