Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

another week-end goes by

The week-end brought the usual assortment of guitar lessons and work things, plus the bibliogoth meet `(if you can call it that when only three people turned up, but it still was an interesting discussion on topics around the book for the month, about which there wasn't that much to discuss, OTOH). And Dead & Buried at the Latin Groove in Archway, at the back of the Archway Tavern premises of the new Intrepid Fox. It was an excellent night, full of dance and catching up with people, many of whom I hadn't seen for a while.

The book in question at Bibliogoth was 'Mr Penumbra's 24 hr Bookstore'. It wasn't an entirely bad reading but it felt very heavily like a hipster Dan Brown, full of pretend geekery and a big mystery that resolves into nothing, sorry if that's a spoiler -more like a warning, if you were thinking of investing time reading it.

The week-end also closed with the news of the death of somebody who I only knew a little bit and hadn't seen for a long time but who was a good friend of many friends and whose loss has had a big impact. My condolences to those of you that were close to him.

This week should be a little less hectic than previous. This should mean more guitar practice. We'll see. For now, coffee and off to school....

Tags: bibliogoth, clubs, life of flav, via ljapp

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