Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

retro social?

To those friends who in the last week or so have re-discovered Livejournal and think it's all retro-cool: I see you and I raise you: ICQ! Prompted by a discussion on FB (which started about the political situation and that horrid little man, but people have got tired of that so it soon diverged and I'm just as tired so I won't even name him or his party) and soon diverged into a conversation about ye auld social media, I dug out my old ICQ login and lo, my two accounts are still there. Surprisingly, nobody in my contact list seems to ever be online. And, if I remember correctly, I got out of ICQ because I developed the same distaste for IM that I have for the telephone: it requires your response there and then, whereas email or other messaging systems allow you to take your time and think what you're going to say (not that I ever properly do, there is always something I overlook).

In any case, for what it may be worth, I'm 'Flav' (27539236) and 'From the little Planet' (er, the number was here just now... never mind) in ICQ...
Tags: the inexorable march of progress, the information age
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