Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

[ Books ] Life after Life, Kate Atkinson

This is not a review, in that I'm only half way through the book. Just a note to say I'm enjoying it rather a lot more than the previous bibliogoth book (yes, the 'young adult' vampire novel). It is essentially the story of a woman's life -no, lives. Many lives. This one gets a bit long and, half way through it already feels like I've read three or four books and in a way I have. Spoiler: Not sure whether the author is playing with the Many Worlds theory but she does play with the possibility of alternative lives. I am finding interesting how she creates connections between the different possible lives. One thing that I've run into at least once, though, is the being put through a heart wrenching situation that tumbles down to an end and then you got thrown back to another version of that world, with different developments where that situation that had been wringing your heart doesn't exist and some of the main characters are just background figures.

I'm just waiting to see how the author ties in the development of the story so far with the rather cinematic opening. As I said, thus far enjoying it.
Tags: books

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