Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

the rustique gig and other stories of last week

Well, that came off much better than I anticipated. Particularly attendance-wise. I ran into a friend who had attended last year and when I said, 'you didn't come' she replied 'you can't expect me to attend every time'. Well, no. It's perhaps too often, once a year and that. I do realise that what I do is not in most of my friends' list of favourite things...

Or perhaps not often enough. I always feel that I get a programme right at about the third time I play it. These days, for all the reasons I won't get into here, I don't play very often at all. Playing-wise, it did come out better than I would have anticipated -or bits of it did, particularly in the second part. The Bach suite came, on the whole, quite well, in that the Prelude and the Gigue are quite difficult and I took them at a good pace although there were bits that I feel I could have done better. Was intrigued by a comment by a lady in the interval, that it sounded 'Spanish'. It was Bach, with lots of Baroque counterpoint and I'm not Spanish and owe very little of my musical formation to the Spanish influence (that's 'influence', not 'influenza'). Maybe it was just the fact of playing that music on a nylon-string classical guitar.

The Brouwer piece, 'Cuban Landscape with Bells', is a curious thing, a piece written in a very contemporary musical language but one which is entirely descriptive -I, for one, can hear the landscapes in it. Love that piece and hope I did it justice.

Will try to sort out a few more public performances of that programme in the autumn... pity I'm so hopelessly bad at selling the product. One little thing: I'm again very grateful to augeas for recording the performance, as he did the previous ones. We'll see whether any of that is fit to show the world (in terms of my performance) but in any case I will learn a lot from it, as has already happened -many thanks again.
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