Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

unexpected turns

On Thursday I was going to go to the Beer Festival, when... a Venezuelan friend who lives here asked me to join him and cousins of his that were visiting London, playing a concert that evening. So I did; we went to the Brazilian place in Inverness St and had a very good feijoada, walked around the markets in Camden Town and eventually went to the Chilean Embassy where (see whether you can keep up, this gets confusing) my friend's cousin's partner, who is a singer-songwriter, was due to play. In the end I decided to forego the GBBF for the time and go to the recital. Apart from the fact that it was an intimate event, around fifty people but that was the capacity of the hall so it was at the same time packed and intimate, there were lots of wine and canapés and our friend, Juanito Ayala, turned out to be an extraordinarily good performer (and apparently quite well known in Chile -I wouldn't have known this). After the evening we all went for dinner at Bill's in Covent Garden and I left with the artist and his partner on the 24 bus towards West Kentish Town where their hotel was. An unexpectedly excellent evening.

Might still go to the Beer Fest later today, mind...
Tags: life of flav

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