Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

green and pleasant lands ... near Chichester

Well this last week-end I didn't go to the alt-alt at the Slimelight in the end, didn't go to see the Damned, didn't go to LonCon, which looks like something I would like to go to at some point. Instead, lessons, guitar and other flavio world stuff. On Friday I did go to see Heel at the Dubllin Castle. On Sunday I went, together with two of my pupils and my boss at one of my schools, to the West Dean Classical Guitar festival/summer course's Open Day. The full event is way too expensive for me at around a thousand pounds (mind, it is a week long, residential with pretty much everything included, but still) but the Open Day was still very interesting, with various lectures, master classes and recitals and guitar makers showing their wares. Spent a good while playing on a couple of guitars by an English maker, one of which I liked a lot, although I'm not about to spend three thousand pounds on a guitar -mind, it was pretty much as good as my Guo so it would be worth it.

The scenery at West Dean is beautiful (the sunset colours on the drive back made me wish I'd not been driving, I could have taken hundreds of beautiful photographs) but the college itself is a little bit too posh, too grand. I still prefer my teacher Jack Duarte's idea of hiring an agricultural college in the middle of nowhere, with a cheap-cheap student bar (he regarded this as very important for the social cohesion of the course), rather than a posh place full of incredibly expensive works of art, antiques, etc. Still, it was a lovely occasion and I believe my pupils (and my boss, a lapsed, recovering guitarist) benefited from it.

Next week, for something completely different, Infest!

Tags: classical guitar, life, life of flav, this guitar teaching thing, via ljapp, week end, west dean

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