Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

As I'm writing this, I'm finishing my morning espresso (only one these days) and making an arepa for breakfast, here back in the flavhaus. Infest was very good although these days I don't go to any of the after-parties. Shame that Project Pitchfork had had to cancel due to illness (really? a month and a half before the event, sounds a little like "sorry, we'll not be able to make it because we are going to be ill...") so VNV Nation substituted for them. That wasn't a bad thing; Ronan is a master of whipping up the crowd and managing it. One of the rare occasions in which I at some point stop being detached from it all looking from outside and find myself carried along, put your hands in the air, etc. I enjoyed Juno Reactor's set enormously, too; It was a kind of discovery in that although I even have a couple of tracks of theirs here I'd never really paid attention to them. The big revelation for me, though, was Legend, the Icelandic band. Or Leg-End as inevitably people were calling them. Talking to the front man later was very good too, find that somebody whose music you like is a really nice guy.

There were a few more musical discoveries and a few new people, caught up with a few good people I seldom seldom see, managed not to lock myself out of my room (that was, actually, a distinct possibility) and made it back to the train station in good time yesterday morning. All in all, a very good time at Infest. My right ear still is blocked, mind. I also haven't managed to get rid of the glitter. I suspect that stuff, once it falls on you, follows you to death.

Today, a couple of lessons (literally) and nothing more. Guitar practice and reading -currently, The Apocalypse Codex, one of Charlie Stross's funny geek sysadmin- demonological take-the-mickey-out-of-Lovecraft novels; before that, while on the train, 'Space', an enormous Stephen Baxter science-fiction book with a breath-taking perspective, extremely gloomy but interesting outlook about life in the galaxy at large and the Fermi paradox.. and cookie-cutter characters.
Tags: festivals, infest

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