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Happy Birthday....morbidfrog!

Last night was a bit hectic, at least in the going from one place to another... went to the Thameside Inn for morbidfrog's birthday party -had heard there were problems with the Northern Line and wanted to come back in time for mausch's b'day drinks in Quinn's so took the car... and got thoroughly lost, taking me an inordinately long time to find where to leave the car. Southof-the-River is such a closed book, I only have to go across London Bridge and get lost... The surrounding area, with the Clink prison (and museum, and museum shop), the cobbled streets, the beautiful view of the river and the skyline beyond makes for a very good setting for a goth birthday,if a bit theme-parkish (I suspect it's choc-a-block full of tourists on weekends). It was a very good gathering, met some new people, chatted a bit for a couple of hours and left for Camden, to say happy birfday to mausch, linger around for a bit sampling rausch-bier (yes, the bacon-like one; someone said it was like 'drinking your breakfast'). Then went to lydiamorgan's and chris_damage's Strength Through Joy, which was a fantastic night -and, it seemed to me, quite a bit busier than on other occasions -the word must be spreading, or something?

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