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Ten books that have stayed with me...

10 books that have stayed with me:
For once, an internet meme that I can go along with. The ten books:

1- Anathem - Neal Stephenson

2- Nineteen Eighty-Four - G Orwell

3- Lord of the Rings - J R R Tolkien

4- Historias de Cronopios y Famas - Julio Cortázar

5- Caves of Steel - Isaac Asimov (the whole Robot series, really)

6- The Master and Margarita - M Bulgakov

7- Se il Sole Muore - Oriana Fallaci

8- ‘Eva Luna’ - Isabel Allende

9- ‘Sinuhe the Egyptian’ - Mika Waltari

10- ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ - John Steinbeck

These are not necessarily the best works for each author or even the ones I like the best of their production (I much prefer the Silmarillion to LoTR, but the latter had a bigger impact when I first read it and a lasting one). ‘Rayuela’ is a much more substantial and important work by Cortázar than ‘Cronopios’ but again the latter touched me in a way that the former didn’t. ‘Eva Luna’ is a very recent read for me but it resonated a lot, it being the product of Allende’s 10 year sojourn in my country and home town. Asimov… the Robot series and the ‘Foundation’ series are all linked and, to my mind, are one extensive work but you have to point out one book so it’ll be this one. This list would probably be different if I did it next week, or the week after… as I probably would think of a few different books. ‘Anathem’, ‘Margarita’ and ‘Cronopios’ would still be there, though.

I'm not going to nominate anybody, I dread being 'nominated' for anything so I won't do that to anyone :D
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