Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

week-end things

It was a week-end of quite a few things happening. On Friday I went to both Inferno and Dead & Buried * ; danced a lot at both (almost non-stop at Inferno for perhaps two hours). Also ran into a few peeps there, notably morbidfrog and Nadia (who used to be on LJ and is probably in my list but whose LJ handle I cannot remember). Then I went to Dead and Buried, mainly to say happy birthday to djpsyche (which I probably forgot to do...oops) and stayed there until some time between 2:30 and 3:00. Saturday brought the Hampstead Alternative Picnic * and then a bout of Big Red. People wanted to drag me to Slimelight but I resisted, as I had a couple of lessons early on Sunday (and also I felt I kind of had done my allocation of clubbing for the week-end, all in one go the previous day). Sunday brought those lessons and the Alternative Bring and Buy Sale at the Dome, courtesy of the indefatigable xsjdx. All this was good and there could have been more as they were decamping to Aces and Eights after -but I had to get ready for first day of school today. Yes, at this age. A good week-end, all in all, catching up with some lovely people, a few of which I hardly ever see.

* ) These two links are for 'closed' Facebook groups, meaning you have to request membership in order to see the contents. Sorry about this. As most of you are on FB and some might be interested in these I thought I'd put in the links anyway.
Tags: clubs, picinics, week-end

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