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A On 4 Mar 2005, at 19:55, xxx wrote:

My name is D Matani.  My mother, M Matani, had a brother M Matani, who left Abruzzi in Italy after World War I to go to Argentina.  Nothing was heard from him and in the 1930's inquiries were made to both Argentina and Brazil with no results.  After seeing your website, I was wondering if he may have migrated to Venzuela and, if so, might he be your grandfather.


D Matani
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Xxxxxx, Florida 00000

Hi there, D

Unfortunately that is not the case. My father left Italy after World War II.

My father was called Pasquale or Pasqualino, he had a sister called Maria (but there's lots of Marias in every Italian family, as you know) and his mother was also called Maria. They were originally from a little village called Cellino Attanasio (or Atanasio, can't think of the spelling). His father was called Flaviano (fron whence my name comes) and his own father was Sabatino. I mention all this just in case it rings any bells. There are many in the family still living in the Abbruzzo (it's scary at Christmas dinners) and you made me wonder whether it could be a different branch of the family and how one might be able to find out. Italians were very prolific in those days and in those times of wars and vicissitude, many died of disease or victims of war or migrated never to be heard of again. I reckon one might be able to get access to the public records and find out whether there is a connection (seems likely, with such an unusual name, although probably not as close as in the scenario you described). I can make enquiries in the family and find out whether they know anything... but do bear in mind that that was a long time ago.

This made me think on how the world has changed. When my father left Italy he expected never to see his sisters and brother again, never to be able to set foot in Italy. He did manage to go back, shortly before he died.

This reminded me of something else: according to my father, an uncle of his emigrated to New York in the thirties. I haven't ever found out anything about them but now I see there are other people with the same surname (and of Italian origin; there is an unrelated but identically spelt surname of Arabic origin that seems to be quite common in some parts of the Middle East)

All the best and sorry to disappoint -although I suspect there is indeed some connection. Do you know where in the Abbruzzo they were from?

best regards


arrives from a stranger in America who happens to have the (very uncommon) same surname. And it stirs in me the longing to know more about my roots and origin, all those people who preceded me and tilled the frozen soil and died of childbirth and disease and were killed in wars and made it possible for me to be here...

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