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ripples from a caribbean coast far away - Echoes of Flavio's Ghost Dreaming
ripples from a caribbean coast far away
Maybe I should start reading the Venezuelan news. A couple of our TV channels stream on the internet but I find more or less unbearable to watch them -the official channel is boring and shouty, the opposition channels are garish, cheap and shouty. The press is a strange thing, again very divided and the reporting on pretty much anything always has two radically different, irreconcilabe versions. However, I do have a lot of family and friends there (alas, none that come here to Livejournal in spite of my efforts of years, or in G+ -they're all on FB...) and I'm a little bit concerned. The current collapse of the prices of oil doesn't just affect Russia, ir certainly doesn't affect the Gulf countries that much, by the looks of it, but it is going to hit Venezuela hard, at a point where the deep division and the continuing crises can make the situation unstable and dangerous.

In the meantime, today I'll be trekking to Crystal Palace to fetch, from the Venezuelan café/deli there, my order of traditional Venezuelan Christmas fare, a few Hallacas and Pan de Jamón... and probably be told in minute detail how it's all going to pot back home.

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matrixmann From: matrixmann Date: December 17th, 2014 12:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
Recently read something about that before the big collapse of the ruble at the stock exchange yesterday. Smart mind says "That's the reason why they do it." The text was about the last meeting of the OPEC. Accordingly, the majority of the big oil supplier countries voted for a lowering of the produce, only Saudi Arabia voted against it. As for that decisions well must be decided in absolute union, it led to the circumstance "nothing gets changed" and that's what it is now.
For that many countries depend on the income through selling oil which are more political enemies to the Western economical system (as well as for Saudi Arabia personally, just mention Iran), you can think it's a general gun to keep those ones at bay. Not only Russia. - At all, at this point, as to the fact it may or probably will lead to some kind of turmoil in those countries, one may just say: "And where's the fairy tale on it about Eastern countries complaining about >>the West tries to destroy them from the inside<<?"
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