Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Yesterday was hectic and I seemed to be going down with some flu-ey bug (yes, I'm still taking antibiotics for the abscess but those are two different orders of things, non?). School day was long and had to come back to several visit lessons in different parts of town. Finally made it back home and slept ten hours, apart from occasional waking up to cough. That (sleeping ten or eleven hours in one go if I can) often seems to sort out whatever was wrong. We'll see. I'm coughing less today thus far, at any rate. Funny dreams, too, some of which it would be slightly embarrassing to relate here.

Today should be a more relaxed day. A couple of lessons later and a trip to the KT Health Centre to request some repeat prescription. Wondering whether I might be up to going to the gym or whether it would be a better idea to try and nap a lot to sleep the bug off.
Tags: health, life of flav, stuff

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