Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

a tuesday like a monday

Back in school this week.

At this moment, waiting for a pupil who, by the looks of it and given that we're two thirds into the period, won't turn up.

Bits of piano and other instruments' playing coming in from neighbouring classrooms, it would be an interesting collage ... except I think Berio or Nono have already done something like that.

Have managed to put a tiny bit of guitar practice in those pupil no-show times -two lessons already today. As the day progresses, though, a sort of torpor of being here sets in and it becomes more difficult to use that time productively. Odd that that should be the case..

After this, a couple of errands and just one lesson in the evening. And more guitar practice, I need to get those fingers to un-freeze, to thaw and be able to do what I want them to.
Tags: guitar, guitar lessons, guitar practice

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