Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Another week-end whizzed past, this one a rather quiet one as I was trying to prepare and get ready for this little gig later this week. Apart from lessons and shopping, my only outing was to the Big Red on Saturday for robot_mel's birthday drinks (Happy Birthday, Mel!), which was a lovely occasion and of which there are pictures in this FB album.

In the week, I booked train tickets for the rather complicated (and expensive, but I knew that) trip to Italy with my sister later in April when she comes over from Venezuela. I'll be worrying now about the mad dash through Paris from one train station to another and whether we'll make it on time for the connecting train in the time we have. So it goes, I s'pose -I've found something to be worried about for a while, apart from my concert.

Also, although we didn't see any snow in London this year (but there's always April, when it snows here it seems to be quite late so people can go 'oooh, look, snow falling in April...'), in one of my ancestral homes, my mother's home town of La Grita in the Venezuelan Andes and just a couple of degrees above the Equator, it was snowing for the first time in recorded history two days ago...
Tags: birthdays, friends, life of flav, stuff, venezuela

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