Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

flips and flops

Rather disappointed with the attendance for last night's recital. A bit bothered too with the strange group dynamics of facebook. Why do people say they will attend an event when they very likely know they won't be able to make it or it just isn't their thing? I know things can happen and people can fall ill, etc. but this cannot explain why somebody who knows they have an exam/job interview the next morning, etc, or are in a country four thousand miles away on the day will put themselves as attending the event.

I was rather pleased (at the time) with my playing, although there were flaws. We'll see whether I still am when I see the recordings. The hall was comfortable to play in and had a good sound. As a fund-raiser, both for me and for the charity, it was a complete flop. For now, I'll have to re-think how to do this and also, given the many many hours of work it takes to put one of those, whether it really is worth the while.
Tags: guitar, guitar playing, life

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