Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

post- Easter week-end post

It still is the Easter long week-end for me, as I didn't have to get up before dawn to go to school. Liking it, could get used to it.

The week-end brought a few social things; on Thursday it was the celebration of hollyp's British citizenship. There'll be pictures of that. Friday was relatively quiet; I met kekhmet and augeas for the former's birthday drinks -a nice walk down the South Bank (I just missed the visit to the Tate Modern) and lovely cocktails in Opium in Chinatown. On Saturday there was the wedding of dwagon and ashmere, which was a blast; on Sunday there were four or five things, I managed to attend three: the gig at the Fiddlers' Arms with In Isolation and The Faces of Sarah (but missed the first band, and, worse, djpsyche's singing with the band, as I had already left by then, off to Red's birthday at the North Nineteen. Then I headed with dj_alexander to the Minories for Invocation, which was excellent. Monday was more sedate apart from bibliogoth's April meeting, discussing Terry Pratchett's 'Soul Music'. This was the more people I've seen attending a Bibliogoth meeting and it was a lovely occasion, a little memorial and celebration of Terry Pratchett.

Today, pretty much nothing in my diary apart from a lesson late in the evening. I do have things to do but can take my time (this is a sure way of not getting anything done, mind...)
Tags: easter, life of flav, week end

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