Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

[ diary ] another week-end

That was rather a good week-end, although I had too many things invited to and that I actually wanted to go on Saturday.

Thursdays was the londongothsluts meeting at some hipster pub in Shoreditch/Hoxton. I wasn't enormously impressed with the pub but the company was good.. except that at some point the being the one single person in the company of two couples got to me a little bit.

Friday... oh, good grief, what did I do on Friday? I can't remember. Probably nothing, as the week-end was going to be busy. Saturday morning: one of my lessons was with adult pupil who'd just done a Grade 8 and was convinced he'd failed. His results and certificate arrived that morning and far from failing he achieved a very good pass. I chose two of the events I wanted to go to mostly on grounds of accessibility as all people involved in all three parties are lovely people I like. Went to seph_hazard's birthday picnic in Southward Park, then to Bennie Hero and Zane's sort of farewell picnic (they're setting out this week for the TransSiberian Express destination Ulan Batur! As you do..) in Walthamstow/Leytonstone, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday brought about the combined bibliogoth/Gothic Valley Women's Institute picnic in Kenwood House, which was a blast. There'll be pictures.

Today... well, today was a Monday.
Tags: bibliogoth, life of flav, picinics, week end

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