Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

mirrors and looking glasses

Thursday, the londongothsluts meeting at North Nineteen, saying a temporary farewell to boxcat and myz_lilith and, for me, a long conversation that was a window into somebody's soul -but, alas, cannot go any further. Friday brought meeting Tasha at Ruby Violet for lovely ice cream, followed by visit and sortie to the Pineapple with friend -she is considering taking up the guitar -and there might be a good guitar teacher near. After that, Metalchrome for a bit, and share vodka & tonics without vodka (or was it gin & tonic without gin? Is there a conceptual difference?) with djpsyche who it is always good to see. Saturday was a bit hectic, with lessons, origamitiger and Stjon's BBQ, another engagement and finally Reptile, which was a very good night. After three hours' sleep, I got up early to be picked up a pupil to go to the West Dean Classical Guitar Course and Festival near Chichester. It was a lovely but intense day and it was made to feel much longer after those scant three hours of sleep.

Next week-end should be a little more sedate. And then comes Infest.
Tags: classical guitar, clubs, life of flav, week end

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