Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

various things on a week-end

A week end of many parts, most of them good.

Friday was a strange day. I was feeling down and lonely, for various reasons but especially one which will not go in this story. Had nothing planned for that evening and wandered around for hours, walking seemingly having some sort of calming or restoring effect when I feel like that -walked past the Unicorn on Camden Road where there was a punk gig but didn't much like the environment so walked on to Big Red, which was empty -it was too early. Walked yet further down to check out the new location of the 12 Bar Club but didn't go in. Back at the Big Red, a friend turned up and chatted with her about entropy and the pointlessness of existence (maybe I'm hanging out with goths a bit too much) until at some point some other friends and people I know turned up -and it turned out an excellent evening. Made it back around 2:30 or so.

The following day brought about, apart from a couple of lessons, a visit to the Bart's Bazaar Macabre Market at St Bart's Hospital. Didn't buy anything and didn't take pictures but it was a very good outing. I do have to say that seeing all those pathology exhibits just makes me think of how much suffering they brought to their bearers, but it was very interesting -the market itself was small but interesting, full of lovely trinkets although none that really really caught me enough to buy. In the evening, it was Dylan's birthday at Garlic & Shots. There'll be pictures of that but for now, just a very short video of him extolling the virtues of a German Curry Energy Drink..

From there they went on to Decadence but I went to see the Terminal Gods at the Slimelight. Wasn't taken by the two opening bands I saw but the T Gods were very good. I heard some people criticising their music as derivative and.. well, I suppose it is, a little bit, and their influences are very very clear, but there is nothing really wrong with that when they do their stuff so well and I enjoyed it a lot. Took many pictures, I may put up some somewhere.

On Sunday met with Jennie at the Satanic Flea Market, had a browse and generally a good time (good to see mister_ed and Natasha) but again I felt that although there were lovely and interesting things none caught me enough to actually buy. We went next door to Raizes, the Brazilian restaurant next door. Had a good feijoada and arroz carreteiro and we shared a Caipirinha -it was a bit early for that sort of thing but it was nice. Later, we went for a walk down the South Bank. I always enjoy just that feeling of soaking London in, walking past the Globe or the Royal Festival Hall. We stopped at the Real Food Market for a cider and then each went home. Turned out to be a rather good week-end in the end.
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